But are you REALLY happy?

>>  Sunday, June 30, 2013

I had a run out whilst Cog was at tennis.  It was a lovely evening. 

Far too nice to be running.  I went passed boat after boat with people sat soaking up the evening, relaxing over a meal or a drink.

I stopped part way along the towpath where a group of 4 were sat.  One lady was wearing a paint splattered t-shirt and hat and had clearly been painting canal boat decorations.  They were moored down this way for the locks festival.

"Can I ask you if you are REALLY happy?" I said and they told me how very happy they were with their seemingly perfect lifestyle.  "Even in the Winter?".  Oh yes, apparently it's lovely and toastie on the barge by the log burner in the winter.
And so it seems, they have the life for me.


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