Festival Season

>>  Sunday, July 07, 2013

 Whilst the cool people were enjoying the Stones in a sea of mud at Glastonbury.  We of simpler pleasures had our local free festival organised by an incredible group of volunteers.
Admittedly the bands with a few exceptions were fairly meh but the good company made up for it.
 The incongruence that is village fete life was as strong as ever.  The Anglo Saxon villagers practised sword fighting in front of the bouncy slide!
The firework display was a lovely end to the day.
 I don't know how they afford to do it, I really don't.  I think one of the local churches put most of the money and work into the day.  They are a lovely group of people, always working for the community.
I enjoyed myself sufficiently to warrant walking home with a flashing ring attached to my nose.  Family disowned me, but hey 'whatevvvvvver'.


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