An Evening at the Windmill

>>  Friday, June 28, 2013

A couple of years ago we took our brownies to the local windmill, it was a bit stressful with so many tiddlers on rickety steps and so many possible ways to fall from a large height.  Whilst they loved it we decided we probably wouldn't do it again.

The Rangers are a totally different matter, they can be trusted to try not to fall from huge heights, they are much more aware of themselves and danger (mostly!).

 It is a beautiful sight.  The windmill here is about 400 years old.  The farm house next to it is only 50 years old.  You'd never know would you.

A chap from the local Society came and spoke to us about the windmill, it's history and workings.

It worried me that the Rangers wouldn't be interested, but they really were and at the end I knew they were as they started to take photos. I think this is usually a good indicator of interest of a teenager, when the phone comes out to snap photos.


This is a very rare type of windmill.  It is a 'post' rather than tower.  The whole top half turns so the sails can face the wind.

I wonder what Daniel's life was like here in 1711.

I'm sure this visit fits into the Look Wider program somewhere, I'm just not sure which part yet.  Any suggestions?


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