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>>  Friday, May 03, 2013

Well I went to vote, not the most inviting of places mind, it's absolutely fine once you are inside, but the outside doesn't give away it's soft centre.

Talking of soft centres, I wonder if this cat has one.  It looked like the ugliest, grumpiest cat I have ever seen and whilst I was doing a web search for something in our area I found a similar picture of the same cat titled "is this the ugliest cat ever".  I hope it doesn't get wind of it's on line slating and decide to sue.

The trees we planted at Brownies are not only surviving, they are positively budding.
A couple of years ago I came down to breakfast to find these on the table...

Recently these greeted me when I opened the fridge door.  Watching HWMBO deciding whether he still wanted an omelet after seeing them was hilarious.  Making screaming noises as he cracked the eggs was even usual, he failed to be impressed.


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