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>>  Wednesday, May 01, 2013

This week's Gallery is 'Self Portrait'.   A hard one because I'm always behind the camera.  But this blog is my self portrait, it comes from my heart and is always a reflection of what is important to me at the time and how I really feel inside about things. It is me, KV.

AGuidingLife that's KelloggsVille to you old timers was featured in the spring edition of Guiding, the magazine that is sent to all our volunteers.

This is a big deal to me, I have never told many people I write and now all of the people I do Guiding with have been told in one fell swoop.  In fact the day after it came out I walked into my Ranger unit meeting to find them all looking at the blog online.  I am half incredibly proud and half sightly embarassed.  There is a lot laid open here in html land. 

But still, lots of the ladies have already seen me greet firemen in a dressing gown, refuse to go across a field to the loo in the dark until someone comes with me and seen me 'bungalow' it's a Guide thing!  So to be honest they already know I'm an utter idiot and always happy to prove it one more time.

Actually taking a photo of yourself and not looking like a fish face is very hard.  Here's one I think I may have passed the grade in.


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