The importance of getting out

>>  Sunday, May 05, 2013

I know we are lucky having a large open space at our Brownie meeting place but being close to the open countryside, we make a real effort to get out and about on these lovely light evenings. 

Interestly lots of the girls were chattering about sledging and I think it's because, for many, the last time they came up this way was in the snow.  I know it's not so very long ago really but this wood is one field away from where they field.  That's a 10 minute walk.  Come on parents....they love being out, they can't help themselves but run and jump.

We did 'name that tree' from leaves that were collected in the wood last year and cling wrapped onto cards.  They were surprisingly good at it.

But really they just want to explore.
Freedom in the late spring sunshine.

A chance to let off some steam, to gain a bit of confidence, to learn about our surroundings and have a bit of freedom in a safe environment.

A lovely night.

Interestingly, I've spent more nights at Brownies since I've given up being a leader than I did before I finished.....please explain this whole 'I'm not actually a Brownie leader' to me just one more time!!!


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