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>>  Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our County have a weekend every year where we go away to one of of the training centres and train.

We do train, quite a lot actually. Reminders about the program, principles, paper work, planning, games, crafts. But as important as that is, it's not my main reason for going. It refreshes me, it remotivates me, it reminds me that there are lots of ladies, lovely ladies, doing the same things week in, week out. It reminds me of the fun parts, why we do it, how good it is for the girls, the community...oh heck, I'll say even the world.

On the way to Waddow we stopped off in Morecambe if you can work out how that is 'on the way' you are a better man than me to see Eric.  That was enough to fill my tank for a while and that was before we even got there.  In the car on the way up with the leaders from my district we discussed many things districty.  Useful in it's self.

There was 64 leaders from my county gathering for the training, so district was left behind as soon as we arrived.

It seemed necessary to explore, find the dressing up cupboard and put on a rabbit head.  Look, it seemed like a good idea at the time!  What amused me more was the leader by the side just texting away Guide fashion totally ignoring the dancing rabbit.  In Guiding it is rare to do something stupid that actually raises an eyebrow, there is usually a queue of others waiting to 'have a go' too.

Waddow was slightly over subscribed with not a bed left in the house (or the cottages) so the dining room was fairly packed in tight.  I couldn't be bothered to keep asking people to move so I could get to the buffet table.  I decided to stack my breakfast Guide style.  

The training weekend also gives me the opportunity to experience what a residential might feel like for a Brownie, Guide or Ranger.  Waiting for a gong for meals, setting places, fetching food, doing crafts whilst being shown how.  As I watch the trainers it helps me think about how I might be perceived by my girls and how some of them might feel about being away with 'strangers' or at least, not close friends and family.  How it feels to be a little out of water with the way things work like standing behind chairs for Grace or knowing the words to songs.  It helps me think a little more about it.

I think you might be hearing a bit more about what I thought and what I learnt this time.

At the end we were given a plant to wrap up and chose a label for.  I very carefully chose 'thank you for making Guiding a way of life'. It made me feel really good about myself.  But then the trainer had one more surprise, she said 'now give your plant to some one else in the room to say thank you to them.'  I didn't want to, I had treated the plant in my hand as the thank you to me and was feeling very good about it.  I reluctantly swapped with the lady next to me saying 'but I really liked mine, can we swap back again' and kindly she did.  But I wonder how I made her feel, did she feel unthanked?  It worries me.  I feel a little selfish, but I'm still looking at my little plant and little card and liking it very much.


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