The lifeblood that is tea

>>  Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This week's gallery is 'drink'.
One of reasons I like the Senior Section camp is because you can do this:
Fish and Chips eaten in a pub garden with a pint of lager for the GIC.
Yes it was 'risk assessed'! We were the only people mad enough to sit in the garden on such a cold, snowy day and we had permission from the landlady but you couldn't do that with your Brownies on Pack Holiday, no sireeee, not without a complaint letter from a grumbly parent anyhoo.

But when that same cold weather means that the water in the kettle froze overnight and the gas in the can is also too cold to get a decent flame up....

...and we don't have a super duper alley ooper stove like one of these to magic me up a kettle of hot water in seconds, then I am not a happy Tigger in the morning.

There is no getting away from the fact that I NEED a cup of tea to get me going, see me through, warm me up, help me relax, help me to think, solve a problem, fill some time, something to do when there is nothing to do, something to do when you just don't know what else could make things better, give me a second wind, wind me down before I go to bed, something comforting to hold, something social.....basically if I'm awake, I NEED tea.

Pack Holiday has a kettle that plugs in, this makes me happy.

If this camping lark is to continue could someone please send me a super dooper alley ooper bounce of a boiler that makes me tea pronto....

....oooh, and a Ranger to bring it to me.  Thank you muchly.

Or I will be resorting to the alternative form.....brandy decanted in the tea pot!


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