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>>  Saturday, April 06, 2013

We decided to give the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery a try this holiday. Some parts of Birmingham are surprisingly nice, I don't know why it always takes me by surprise, they've been investing in smartening it up for a while.

The main hassle I find in Birmingham is how busy it is. I have never been there when the station, Bull-Ring and shopping lanes aren't absolutely heaving.

But with this ongoing streak of 'avoiding the crowds' luck we've been having, hardly anyone had chosen to go to the museum.

The building is a glorious piece of Victorian architecture.  In my usual style I enjoyed the roof structures much more than anything else.  Sitting in the large Edwardian cafe was a dream for the ornate metal lover.

There were many modern exhibits, I loved this entire wall of film.  Just the building as you see it, but every so often a window would break.  It was quite mesmerising.

I was not so enthralled by the display of turds.  I use the term as used by the artist.  In fairness the alter table of turds is supported by a wall of shocking paintings so overall the piece has an artistic purpose. But I would put it in my 'Snot Art' category.

Most of the interactive exhibits were 'under maintenance' but the chalk wall had remained intact despite Bin Laden being there to sign it.
But this is the best thing in the whole place.  It's so clever.  It's not even an exhibit!  It's a donation collection box.


I've no idea why I didn't take a photo of the box from a distance.  Actually, I hardly took any photos all day.  I was enjoying myself too much with my friends to think about it really. So I've borrowed one from Google images to give you an idea of what it looked like.

If you would like more information about the Museum go here, but I would say it's a 5 minute walk from New Street Station, there's a good cafe for snacks and full meals, you can eat a pack up at proper tables in the learning zone and there are plenty of clean toilets.

For us, train tickets to Birmingham are cheap and the museum is free. With a pack-up this is a good cheap day out for families in good weather or bad.

And COG is also aware that the museum is a stone's throw from Hollister, Jack Wills and Super-Dry but  I still made it out Birmingham without spending a penny!


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