Living History and Forgetting the Past

>>  Thursday, April 04, 2013

Easter happened in a swirl of snow, wind chill factors that made it intolerably cold and a teen Cog who seems to be becoming more confident to acknowledge that it's ok to enjoy what you want to regardless of what others might think, including boiled egg and soldiers.

I love it when we get out of the car and see people dressed up, I just know it's going to mean added fun.  Remember Hampton Court?  Bosworth always do the pre-battle camp on the Easter weekend, even though the battle re-enactment isn't until August.

The Battle of Bosworth was a big turning point in English history.  We said goodbye to the Plantagenets and hello to the Tudors.

We've been to the Bosworth visitors centre many times across the years with Cog and we've watched it grow.  I suspect the recent discovery of Richard III under a car park in Leicester will give it another boost of life.  There were lots of people reading books about him in the cafe there.
Despite having visited here many times across the years, Cog hardly remembers any of it.  Just the odd snippet here and there and even then nothing I would like to think of her remembering.  She recalls long drives or cold days, not fun in the stocks or marching with pikes and dressing as soldiers.
About the time she turned 9ish we seemed to stop going out so often as a family at weekends.  I guess it's when she got 'busy' with friends or realised she enjoyed staying in bed later.  But in some ways it's a shame because I have great memories of many places we went to, fun we've had and she recalls so little of it.

She's also forgotten all the stories of old, like having to make a hole in the left over egg shell so the witches can't use them as a boat.

Yes, she rolls her eyes at me as I tell her but I'm enjoying reliving it all!


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