Spring Camp

>>  Monday, April 08, 2013

Finally I managed to take 'my back' on a camp.

HWMBO came to help carry my stuff and pitch tents. The Rangers and CGIC clever Guider in charge could/would/did do it too but he knows me well enough to know he needed to be there to say 'no, stop it' to me as I am no good at watching others do work.

Whilst it earned us our 'spring camp' badge, it was bloomin' cold.  Mostly I  wore underwear, a thermal vest, t-shirt, mountain hike jumper, hoodie 1 and larger hoodie 2 with leggings, craghoppers and 2 pairs of socks, hat, buff and gloves.  With that I was comfortable walking, never overly warm mind!

Once the girls got the fire going it stayed lit, even overnight, we may have burnt a forest in wood but it was lovely.

We went for an evening walk to to chip shop for tea.
It was a lovely sunset.
 We took a detour.

The birds flying in low over the water was beautiful to see and listen to.
But it meant the last mile or so was rather dark!
But the fire was soon roaring and marshmallows toasting to CGIC's singing
It was very cold overnight.  I slept in leggings, pyjama bottoms, thermal vest, t-shirt, mountain jumper, 2 pairs of socks, hat, gloves and buff.  Had 3 blankets in different places underbed, overbed and over me, an arctic sleeping bag, double duvet folded around sleeping bag, large blow up bed and a hot water bottle. I survived!  CGIC's blow up bed did not, I slumbered to the hiss of her air escaping.

Fire, fire...pour on ice, pour on ice!  The kettle was also full of ice in the morning.
Nothing like a lazy Ranger breakfast eaten Scout style.
Whilst watching the frost thaw back.

There was a big hare watching us, pheasants and a very loud woodpecker amongst a throng of woodland birds.

It was cold but good to be outside again.

I've got my back iced up tonight and it's struggling a bit but hopefully a good rest tonight will sort it.

Bring on Wellies and Wristbands.


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