In the All Together

>>  Wednesday, April 03, 2013

This week's Gallery is 'together'.

Another bag packing day for our International Jailbreak Team but this time my replacement leader was home from university and could join in with the team.  I know some of the girls have been worried about meeting her and a couple have said 'I wish you were coming'. As ego plumping as it is to hear, it's not good, the girls need to be confident and happy and now they have had a first meeting they will all feel more settled about it.  I purposely stayed away until the end, part of me wanted to be there but the rest of me knows they need to be left to 'get on with it'.

The girls are doing exactly that, they are now bag packers extraordinaire.  Matching uniforms and neckers, big smiles and chatting away with the customers about the trip and the difference in confidence not only shows in them but also in the buckets with many people giving note size donations.

This is one of the reasons why the fund raising is almost as important as the trip itself.  The journey of growth and development starts right from the selection weekend.

I have had the earworm "the king is in his all together" since reading Tara's theme for the gallery this week. I steam cleaned the bathroom just before getting into the shower at the weekend, and being as I was still whistling my earworm it was too good a steamy opportunity to miss. So for one day only, KV is in her all-together!!


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