Seasonal 14, Runny Apples and Bats

>>  Wednesday, November 07, 2012

 We had a birthday come and go by candle light.

A cheap birthday candle, that had a little sparkler, that lit candles on the petals, that opened as it played happy birthday turned out to be a remarkably good buy.

The Rangers made toffee apples.  The night we decide to use a leader's home kitchen would be the night that 15 of them rock up!

They seemed to enjoy hanging around the kitchen.  I suppose it was a bit like the parties they all go to but without the sex, drugs and alcohol.  Still, we had food and that's usually enough to engage a Ranger.  The toffee didn't set after a week of waiting.

I won a halloween party kit.  It was after the party but COG made the masks, I decorated the front of the house up ready for the trick or treaters with a huge skeleton, banners, creepy curtains, and hid the music player with the spooky sounds cd in.
COG carved her name into the pumpkin, it was very cleverly done.  This is,  of course, the reverse side.
I had to drive COG to a tennis lesson just after I took this. There were some boys hanging about our close that didn't need to be there.  I pointed this out to them.  They got a bit shirty with me, so I threatened them with the police.  They tootled well, skulked off.  It was only afterwards I realised I was still wearing my mask.  In fairness, I have to give the lads credit for not just dying of laughter at me.  Some people just need help.  Honestly, I promise to try harder!


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