Christmas shopping count down starts with salmon in a bucket

>>  Thursday, November 08, 2012

Oh alright then I admit it, it's beer in a bucket but don't tell my friend who will be getting it for Christmas friend look away now!

Yes, Christmas shopping has started and how cool is this for a guy that spends a large proportion of every day on the allotment.

Not touching your gift list?'s about this for the boss...a deli gift box.  I'm liking this.  We get presents from HWBMO's work and I'm all done in on caviar that we don't eat.  The Smoked Salmon in these is worth having I did from Handpicked and it really was!

I do most of my Christmas shopping from hoards of gift cataloues and the Handpicked gift catalogue is one of my favourites, they've now also got the Handpicked Foodstore.

I have to admit I've now got the bulk of the easy shopping out of the way already, an afternoon with the catalogues and a lovely day out at a craft fayre it was a posh one it had a 'y'.  It's HWMBO who is my usual challenge. So far I have bought him nada and I have no ideas either.  Please leave suggestions in the comments: Metal Mate readers I am looking very hard at you!

If you want a reminder why you should be doing your Christmas on-line shopping now, it's to avoid this in a few weeks time:


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