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>>  Sunday, November 04, 2012

Cog and I had a trip to London with my new arty friend and daughter.  Turned out to be a really pleasant day and we went to places I had never been before.

We went to a number of fine art galleries in Mayfair followed by a walk through the area.
 After a very civilised lunch, we had a walk through the Portobello Road markets.

I've never been to Notting Hill before.  I don't remember the shot of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts with the CCTV cameras and beer cans.
 And I've never sat in the Champagne bar at St Pancras before either.  There was a wedding on at the time.  I think it is a wonderfully romantic place to get married.
I think I still failed to live up to arty friends hopes of an intelligent art conversation and he finally gave up when I declared my favourite to be the 'upside down cricket stumps' and 'I wonder if it took a long time to paint 4 black lines or whether he did it first thing and then just went to the beach'.

I was gracious enough not to let anyone else in the gallery hear any dumb comments I made and behaved very well I think for a pleb.

All in all a fantastic day and I am very happy with my purchase of the day.  I'll let you guess whether I came away with a piece of fine art from Mayfair or a treasure from Portobello Road.

Either would have been equally as exciting.


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