Positive Moral messages for children

>>  Monday, October 22, 2012

I was sent a new children's book to review which I did, but this one is worth sharing with you too as it's an action book that has managed to tuck in some clear moral messages without being boring or sanctimonious about it. 

The author, Jaylen Grace, is an experienced Life Coach and the messages in this book are well planned and but hidden cleverly.

Omzak The Space cat Warrior is humorous and full of action but subversively covers moral and developmental issues for children such as consequences, dealing with change and transition, seeing things from other peoples perspective, empathy. I could see it showing children how it is possible to move into a very different environment, be true to yourself and yet still fit in and make friends. Perfect for moving schools, changing year groups, in fact anything that is about handling change.

This is another book I recommend for a stocking filler that you can feel good about buying.  Have a look at my full review if you want more detail.


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