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>>  Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The week's Gallery is Books

There was a tradition when I was growing up that we read Bill Frog to the Rescue every Christmas Eve.  After I left home it was something I continued to do, but had to go to mum's to do it as the book was hers.   When COG was knee high to a grasshopper, mum photocopied the book and gave the copy to me a Christmas present from COG.

So then COG and I read it together.  She too learnt that Milly Mole's medicine was the only thing that could make Father Christmas better and save Christmas for all the boys and girls.  She also knows that Father Christmas lives on the other side of the Aurora Borealis and understands why I say 'Wizzle my Friskers' a lot!
But reading a photo copy was not the same and for many years I contracted second hand book services to find me a copy and one finally did.
It's held together by tape, it's got school library stamps in it, but I don't care, it is such a wonderful feeling to get it out each Christmas Eve and know that Bill Frog will know that Snowmen's brooms are magic on Christmas Eve but not at any other time.
I still count the number of blankets on the bed.
And insist on finding in the picture every toy mentioned in the text.

And COG enjoys doing it with me.

This is the happy story of my childhood, my happy memory, my good feeling.


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