The Picasso Euphemism

>>  Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Do you like art?" He said
"Yes I do"  thinking I enjoy a walk around a gallery, and even my blogger profile says 'likes art'
"Do you like photography?"
"Yes, definitely" thinking I take photos all the time
"I've got some books you would love to borrow"
"Fantastic" thinking, ooooh God, this is going to end in disaster
"You can look at my Picassos too"
Thinking: oh ecky thump

A few days later at Tennis drop off:

"Come on then, come and get those books"
"What now? At your house?!"
"Well how else can you look at my Picassos?"
I was wondering whether to text friend so the police will at least have a lead should I fail to return!

I have a problem with retaining information, remembering names and facts. It doesn't worry me too much. I find the goldfish pleasure of relearning over and over quite pleasant.

"And this one is by......" he says again 

I'm hearing white noise

"You have heard of .....haven't you?"
"I thought you said you liked art"
"I do"

But he looked disappointed. I hadn't mislead him. I hadn't lied. He had heard a yes and padded it out himself but I felt really mean, I had disappointed him. In fact I felt totally inadequate, uneducated and pretty useless.

Still he appears not to have given up. I borrowed the books for a respectful amount of time. Keeping them well wrapped for safety and I am invited to attend a number of gallery openings with him.

He has obviously decided to try to educate me. Ahhh bless. I give him until Christmas to realise its a dead loss!


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