A day out at the Museum of London

>>  Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Museum of London is at London Wall, just a stones throw from the Barbican or St Pauls. It's not one of 'the' Museums in London that seems to get shouted about, but it is a great day out.

It maps the rise of London from Prehistoric times right through to the Modern day.

During the early displays of Saxon and Roman life I love the way there is a mix of modern and ancient in the displays. "Is this supposed to be a joke" an older lady remarked as we looked at a Roman kitchen with an added microwave and empty Pizza Box.
No it's not a joke, it's a great mix between new and old that helps younger people relate to what they are seeing.  An open fire and bread making to a microwave and takeaway.  Or a 1666 fire helmet and a modern day one.

The whole museum seems to capture the spirit of youth very well and I had two fully engaged teenagers in there for 3 hours.
It was modern, clean, open, easy to move around.  Young families were doing trails and activities, in the 1960's area there was a kiddy play area and the wooden tops to watch on TV.
I liked sitting in the Sackler Hall Cafe, the electronic boards were really interesting and constantly changing and moving, again good for the teenage brain.
Maybe we were lucky that we picked a good day to go  but we wandered from interactive to interactive learning about the bits that interested us, skipping the bits that didn't.

The Victorian shops and streets were great to walk through.
And bizarrely at the end there was the Lord Mayor's coach.

Some exhibitions are temporary, I really enjoyed the 1948 Olympic programs, medals, torch.  Our Londinium put together by a youth panel was really engaging and interesting.

I am so glad we went and I plan to go again.

Like so many of the London museums it is free, but this one also seems to be 'tourist' free - yes I know we are tourists but it didn't have the intensity of the Knightsbridge museums.

A recommended day out.


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