Rocking a T-Shirt

>>  Thursday, August 30, 2012

Persil's current theme is Mosh and Wash,  Getting kids to make musical instruments and dressing the part.   For a while I've been looking a youtube tutorials on t-shirt alterations and this seems the ideal chance to share it with you.

I grabbed a T from the soon to be put out charity bag and started to cut, stretch and weave.
A boat neck definitely looks better than a crew neck.
I really like this open backed, weaved look. The end is a little too open but it was my first attempt.  It looks great cut down much lower with vest tops underneath.
Heartened by the ease of the neck and back, I decided to have a go at fringing the bottom.
I think this went ok too.
I'm going to suggest to the Rangers that we have a night 'redesigning' old t-shirts with scissors.
So thank you to Persil for a being a great catalyst to another Guiding evening planned.

If you are interested to learn more Salina has the best set of tutorials I have found on YouTube.


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