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>>  Sunday, September 02, 2012

The day in London with the camera started well.   Buildings...
Crockery underground...

You can see the light theme I was feeling can't you.
So this would seem like a perfectly natural follow on. But this, apparently, is the photo HollisterCo do not want you to see.

HollisterCo, I quote, "Do not permit any pictures to be taken of our store or merchandise.  This is a strict company policy. Our store models are informed of this policy and are to inform customers of this policy if they see anyone taking photos. This policy applies to any aspect of our stores -- frontage, inside the store, merchandise, fixtures, etc."
Well, you can see how a photo of this nature would cause commercial issues can't you?!  Interestingly, as I left the store, I had to push past the front of store models having their photos taken with customers.  The double standards astounded me.
So having left Hollister with credit card intact, we moved onto SuperDry.  Whilst the teens wandered the store I started playing with the camera again, and then panicked and asked permission: they had no issue with a bored parent entertaining herself with light bulb pictures.
Ching, ching went the till and we all left happy.

I rang SuperDry and JackWills (another winner of my money that day) customer services and they both said they had no issue with this type of photography.
I decided to check it out with the King of them all and rang Harrods customer services.  They do have a photography policy. No photographs are allowed where security could be compromised i.e. not in the jewellery department, bank or safety deposit area.  They also may ask for no photography if for example a celebrity is there or on the escalators if it causes an obstruction.

I like this sort of policy, it is common sense. No they don't mind if you want to have your photo taken with a lego door man but please don't block the flow of people and don't start snapping expensive stuff - yup, I can work with that.  And hey guess what, yes, ching, ching - Harrods also got a share of my salary this month!

So HollisterCo, yet again, through their inability to provide a creche (or at least a level of tolerance) for the one holding the credit card didn't get a bean.  And from the tone of their customer services department, that's perfectly ok by them.

So my message to the people holding the money that Hollister are hoping the teenagers are going to spend (that's you and me) is walk on by because they really don't mind.  If they cared about getting your buck they would have a customer service and treat you the way stores do that really would like you to spend your money in them.

And go back and have another look at the illicit picture because I suffered to bring it to you!


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