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>>  Saturday, May 12, 2012

I've been chosen by a MADs finalist (For one second did you think I said 'as') travel writer Mum's Gone To to share my Greatest Journey.

We don't normally do great. We do 'endless opportunity for disaster'. Like time it took us 36 hours to get to Cyprus and we've now smashed our 20 minutes on the ground in Dubai to a 17 minute record.

It's amazing how much yelling at each other you can squeeze into 17 minutes whilst running on travelators. If you haven't read our flying traumas you should, it'll make you appreciate your own normality.

It is also possible to make an entire 150 people hate you all at once by nearly killing a passenger and causing all the food and drink for the rest of the flight to be cancelled. Well at least we're never boring!

It's not all planes though, sometimes we manage to get it wrong by car,  breaking down on our drive with a fully packed car about to head to the ferry!

But in fairness we've done a lot of miles between us so the opportunity for Mr Fuckup to leave his calling card has been high.

We enjoy our travel part of any holiday. For us the adventure starts when we step out the front door. Whether that takes us to monoliths, tombs, the greatest beaches in the world or simply a caravan park. We love the actual journey.

We also love watching the old Lampoon films, we relate.

Now, if you skipped over the talc trauma, go look now, seriously it's a doozy.


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