The rain came, and then it came some more

>>  Monday, May 14, 2012

We went for a walk this weekend, I've not been this way since February 5th,  even in all that snow it was still pretty dry in the water courses. But now it was so full that the canal over flows were running fast.
They have reopened the canals and locks to boats now.  I went down to the reservoir to see how it was going.  It was full, I mean completely full, it was lapping the edge of the road.  I've not seen it so full in years.

 See the tree poking out it's top from the water.
On March 30th it looked like this.

And the measure?
Well, it's in the red.  Finally, the water is back.  It's been a miserable cold wet spring but seeing all this has made it feel worth while.

I'm just wondering now how long will it take the mussels, that were dying in their hundreds, to recover.  The water birds that lost their chicks because there were no reed beds close to the water to hide, will they breed again this year? 

I hope so.  I hope now the wildlife can finally start to recover some balance.


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