In the heat of the afternoon

>>  Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This week's Gallery is 'morning'.  Stick with me here!

We spent a week at a hotel in Cyprus in 2006. It was the first (and last) time I stayed in a hotel so large and we were all completely bemused by the seemingly perfect normal behaviour of everybody there except us.

We had clearly spent far too may relaxed holidays in Western Australia leading up the the events. We were amused by the dress standard, even for breakfast. I knew from day 1 I had a week of reminding HWMBO to put shoes on ahead of me.

But we were completely bemused by the whole towel on sunbed experience.  Early each morning people would go down to the pool, put towels on chairs and disappear.

We would go down to the pool, carefully remove the towels from chairs and sit on them until we left after an hour or so.  We then put the original towels back and left.  Only once did someone come up to us:

"You are on OUR chairs"
"No problem" we chirped "you can have them back"
"but you sat on OUR chairs"
"you weren't here but it's ok you can have them now we are leaving"

And we did, whilst the rest of the hotel fought over sunbeds we went out in the heat of the day.

To tombs and ancient ruined towns.

To prayer trees, underground churches and secret crypts.

Into the hills and down again to see beaches where turtles laid their eggs.

To the sparkling waters of Aphrodite.

To quiet restaurants with beautiful views.

To ruined cathedrals and to follow in the foot steps of St Paul.
And COG was happy enough with her morning swims and afternoon outings whilst the rest of the hotel still fought over their sunbeds.


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