Microdiscectomy Recovery Week 8 Reherniation?

>>  Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 7 back at work had been a sore week but I'd made it through.

On Saturday I felt great, in fact I'd had a lovely 6k walk in the sun and gone to a concert in the evening during which I was congratulating myself on how I didn't hurt, my life was becoming normal again.

On Sunday morning we discussed rebooking the summer holiday we had put on hold and then I went upstairs for a shower, bent over too quickly to undress and collapsed in a heap of pain.

I spent the next 2 days sobbing with ice packs on my back.  I've been to the doctors and I'm signed off for another 2 weeks.  I really hope my employers are understanding of this.  I have to say on Sunday I could have given up my life completely, this pain just completely takes over me it's all consuming.

I spent most of Sunday and Monday lying down and today amid ice and pain killers. I'm trying to only take paracetamol because of my bleeding stomach, but paracetamol doesn't really touch it.  The doctor has given me more omeprazole to try to get on top of stomach pain.

This afternoon I've been out for a very slow and short 2k walk back on my walking poles and I'm typing fast before I go re-ice again.

Tomorrow I am going to see the consultant which is the earliest I could get to see him in my area (I am so pleased I'm not trying to do this on the NHS).  I am hoping I get another MRI to show the extent of the damage I have done.

I keep hoping you can strain or sprain or something, that this level of back pain doesn't immediately mean reherniation but I know I've felt all this before.  My leg feels tingly, heavy and in places painful.  I have butt pain back, which hasn't been there for at least 5 weeks and the side of my leg has a stabbing pain.  Also my leg doesn't want to do as it's told all the while, I'm struggling to lift it properly again.

I have created a page of links for my Microdiscectomy posts and other links I have found helpful. You can find it here. PLEASE FOLLOW THE MEDICAL ADVICE OF YOUR DOCTOR. WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME.


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