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>>  Monday, March 26, 2012

HWMBO as been in Australia for a while, the intended reason being to visit his family but he mainly spent it visiting doctors.

When ever he is away I realise I could never possibly live alone and be healthy.  When he is here I cook a proper meal everyday.  I've made great friends with my crockpot this winter producing from scratch stews, curries, hotpots well anything really that cooks slowly. I do fajitas, stir frys, pasta dishes, roasts, ...I cook.

During the week COG eats 3 nights at her father's so it is usually just me and HWMBO.  Whilst he's been away food has been mainly MEH.

Initially I'd started on a diet of :

Breakfast: Oats, yogurt, prunes, nuts
Lunch: Tomato soup, toast, malt loaf
Dinner: Vegetable omelet with salad
Snack: bowl popcorn and frozen yogurt (because I was so hungry)

This was clearly too much effort and became:

Breakfast: Oats, yogurt, prunes, nuts
Lunch: Porridge, malt loaf
Dinner: Tomato soup, toast
Snack: bowl popcorn and frozen yogurt (because I was so hungry)

But the effort was still overwhelming:

Breakfast: Porridge, prunes, nuts
Lunch: Porridge, packet of haribou
Dinner: Oats, yogurt
Snack: very very large bowl popcorn and entire pot frozen yogurt (because I was so hungry)

By Friday after a breakfast of porridge and a lunch of porridge, I stood in the kitchen and looked at all the veg in the fridge and the cupboards of base ingredients and yep, you guessed it - I throw another pack of oat-so-simple into the microwave, finishing my stunning meal off with a pot of frozen yoghurt.

This is not the way to a healthy body!  So it's a good job HWMBO is home. I am always very careful with his diet. Balanced, packed full off antioxidants, a rainbow of veg and for him I cook meat in the meals. (I could be a vegetarian no problem at all).  The sideline of me looking after him means I get a decent diet at the same time.  Man cannot live by porridge alone and for that very reason, despite the wet towels, extra ironing, snoring downsides a partner brings I think I will always need someone to look after because I am incapable of looking after myself.


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