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>>  Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In twitter land I have been a bright green cereal bowl for many years. I decided it was time to become me.  The problem with avatars is to work well they need to be a close up. An extreme close up.  I have always wanted a Jane Jetson mask but sadly as life still hasn't caught up with the Jetsons, so it had to be camera time.

It's not as easy as it seems. First off I hit my usual problem of light.  Time to step away from the window!

Then if you decide to use a mirror you should probably clean it first!  I'm unlikely to hear "my what a fantastic streaky mirror effect, how can I do that with my camera?!"
Next, for no apparent reason my head elongated and the light bounced nicely of the wrinkles.  (A horse walked into a bar and the barman said 'why the long face?'!)
Light really is not my friend, if I wanted a lens flare like that I'd use Photoshop.

So once I'd actually mastered a light level that was working I realised looking like you've been folded in half probably doesn't look so great either.

Nor does trying to get every chin you can possibly muster up on show.

I finally started to get some where but I would prefer if the hand had less of a starring role.

I really like this and the fact that I am visible despite being back in front of the window felt like a minor victory.

But this one finally won through. One chin, enough wrinkles to know I've not air brushed it, but diffused enough to not feel too bad about my increasing age.
And at my age this is an extreme close up.  A suspect the next one will need candle light (or botox!)

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