You and whose army?

>>  Friday, January 06, 2012

Did the Defence Secretary Philip Hammond really just tell the Iranians that we won't allow them to close the Strait of Hormuz?

This has given me the vision of a really angry child punching and kicking out like mad whilst the bemused and amused father holds the child at arms length with one hand placed on their forehead.

"You and whose army?" mock the Iranians
"well we could see if the cheese eating surrender monkeys will lend us the planes and our mates the Ameri..."

Ahhh yes, today Obama decided to move the US defence strategy away from Europe delaying the F-35s.

Nothing like punching above your weight when it comes to our 'defence' strategy, I'm sure the Iranians are quaking in their boots...not..they are too busy in the labs, happily getting on with the stuff that Iraq were accused of doing years ago.

Here's something interesting from this link:

In 1988, just a few miles to the south of Qeshm Island, the United States Navy cruiser, USS Vincennes (accidentally?) shot down an Iranian Air Bus passenger jet with 290 people aboard, and to this day that controversial action has yet to fully explained to the satisfaction of all parties.

I'm not quite sure how Iran Air Flight 655 managed to pass by me unnoticed, it certainly doesn't get the same airplay here as Lockerbie, which happened the same year.

Perhaps that's how we plan to fight it out without appropriate hardware.  We'll go back to the 1914 method of just wasting innocent lives over and over.

At least it'll give us something else to think about whilst the economy crashes around our ears.


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