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>>  Thursday, December 08, 2011

To say things aren't going remarkably well in Kelloggsville would be an understatement and today was no exception.  The order of priorities of some of my nearest and dearest never fails to amaze me and yet again I was left struggling alone to deal with some of the more crappy aspects of life.

Yesterday was MRI scan number 2 which revealed that my prolapse has a prolapse making it now a double sized leakage and does at least explain the number of times I have recently said "I'm sure I wasn't in this much pain at the beginning."

The problem with soldiering on of course is that in the end people forget that there is a problem at all and slowly they expect you to be able to change beds, get the Christmas decorations out of the attic, put the ironing board up etc.  When you look fine, people look at you like you are being lazy.  Not being able to carry my own case recently was a case in point and poor COG got a short straw because of it too.

Anyhoo...today's soldier on was a solo trip to the hospital for a caudal epidural. (A lovely Uncle offered to do a very long round trip drive just to pick me up but it seemed an excessive ask.)   I used the local taxi firm to get me to the hospital, they are very helpful and I explained I didn't know when I would need to come home.  She said she would be there if she could whenever I needed her.

But when the hospital booked me in they were very unhappy about me being alone "don't you even have a neighbour you can call?" they said.  Bring on the tears!  I suddenly felt very let down and alone.  But also thinking about single people, people with familes a long distance away or no one...this managing without support game is hard.

Soooo where does the Big Society come into these she's just moanings? Ahhh well, firstly you see, the consultant popped his head round the curtain and said "The nurse said you don't have a pick up, if it's still too bad for a taxi later I'll take you home, you live in the next village to me" : what a sweetie!

But wait there's more....do you remember my local taxi firm? As I said to the hospital "they aren't just any old firm they are the M&S of taxis".  She came up trumps, she squeezed me in between school runs, she helped me in and out, drove carefully around the bumps, carried my bag and saw me through the door.  I knew they would be there for me.  That's what part of being in a community is about, we know each other and take a little extra care.

It's not hard to make a big difference, just an extra inch from you can give someone miles and miles.

Go on give an inch, you know it'll make you feel good. Ahhhh go on, go on go on, go on

Speaking of Mrs Doyle, this is what really cheered me up tonight

You've got to laugh..haven't you?! But I swear if anyone buys me anything remotely running related at Christmas I will actually implode with misery.


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