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>>  Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Gallery this week is 'My Awesome Photo'

We've been to a lot of awesome places together as a family and seen many beautiful things, I have photos coming out of my ears of beautiful seas, sunsets and vistas and awesome they are too but whilst a photo like that is beautiful for the eye, awesomeness (that's not a word is it) comes from the heart.

A photo that makes me say 'bless her, she had an orange dusty bottom from playing in the Ayres Rock dirt before getting up and deciding she needed to be closer to the special feeling'

Or 'She was so happy at this moment in time it actually brings tears of joy to my eyes just looking at it.'

A photograph that when I look at it I can still hear the happy chatter like it is a video playing in my mind.
Or maybe just a time when I was so very happy that I can't imagine feeling that good ever again.
Moments of time like grains of sand, running through our fingers, lost and gone forever.


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