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>>  Saturday, December 10, 2011

Last weekend we were in Switzerland, mainly to visit friends and family.
There were plenty of Christmas markets and European town squares to keep us entertained.
I was totally entertained when about 100 scouts got onto our previously quiet train.  They shouted, laughed, chanted and sang.  There were some very wee girls amongst the bigger boys who seemed far too young to be going on such a great adventure.  To be quite honest I wanted to go where they were going, they were about to have a ball.

I also wanted to share with you a standard happening when we travel together as a family.

COG and I tootle hassle free through passport control.  Except in German speaking countries where they always have major issues with our name differences. Top tip if you are abducting a child do not try to take them through Germany or Switzerland.
We collect the bags, watch the travellers disperse and empty carousels spin.
Until Johnny Foreigner finally manages to battle his way through border control.  13 years of permanent residency and they still won't let him in without 100 questions.   In Australia we are allowed through the Australian channel as a family.  Only in the EU do we have issues with border control.  Ironic really.


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