How damned lucky am I

>>  Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I've spent today helping at my Church with the local primary school's Christmas concerts. Getting up to school early, walking groups down to church and back (Thrice). Dressing Marys, Josephs, shepherds and Kings. (Thrice). Juice, biscuits, toilet trips! (Thrice). Hymn sheets, opening the door, closing the door, 'yes you can leave your buggy by the font's (Thrice).

Every time I do it I am left with a massive sense of "How damned lucky am I that they let me into their world for a while".

I listened to and sang this carol 6 times today, I promise I only got misty eyed in 5 of them! and I wasn't alone.

This is not our children or church but it is packed with the same feeling

Sometimes people ask me why I use my limited holiday from work to help out with a school I have no links to now, with children I don't know. I wish you could feel how wonderful I do today. Then everybody would know.


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