>>  Friday, December 02, 2011

Family Affairs has questioned what makes you happy?  In truth, a cup of tea usually and if it's accompanied by a peaceful day, a smiling daughter and a slice of Soreen then I'm knicker wetting ecstatic to be quite honest.

Some days I am Captain Optimism, some days I'm Pessimistic Man but mainly I'm just content and content is actually a rather pleasant place to live.

I think part of the key to general happiness is being able to recognise when this is happening, and learn to turn that frown upsidedown. Oh dear God, did I actually just say that outloud.

Anyhoo, I also found this clock on a t'internet safari.  This clearly shows the difference between me and HWMBO.  I am 1-4, he is 10-12 !  I fail to see the funny side of 10-12.


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