The Plastic Christmas and The Digital Nativity.

>>  Saturday, December 03, 2011

I often struggle with Christmas and how plastic it is.  I have a huge tug of conscious about how much I enjoy Santa and gift wrapping and mince pies and I know it's not what is in my heart, what gives me the greatest joy of all.  My DustBunny friend wrapped it up quite succinctly:

"The fake stuff makes me feel joy during the holiday season. The REAL stuff, though...Jesus.... helps me sustain joy year round."

So I feel happy knowing it's ok that I like dancing to 'Rocking Around the Christmas Tree' in Lewis' and playing with the rocking Santas. Actually it's ok by me, HWMBO and COG tend to walk away fairly swiftly.

I also know it's ok to be hoping that there is an upgrade happening on the 25th in digital terms. Are you reading this oh spouse of mine?! It's ok that we enjoy the modern world, because whilst times move on, the story stays the same.

I hope you enjoy this season of advent.


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