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>>  Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This week's Gallery is The Kitchen.  There is only one place where I actually adore being in the kitchen. 

Yes I know I moan and moan about the amount of shopping that I have to do.

And the planning and preparation that goes into 180 meals and I've no idea how many drinks and snacks
 How unbelievably tired I get.
The fact that this is tends to be the main view I get of the Brownies.

But I feel so at home here and I cannot thank enough the Guiders of yesteryear for having built this place so people like me could love it so very much so many years later.

For a Gallery many moons ago I posted this and it very much sums up how I feel and I would like to share it again.

Brownie Pack holiday is a time of mainly bedlam.  The last girls to go to sleep will be sometime around 3am and the first girls to wake up will be around 6am.
One year I didn't sleep at all.  I had roast turkey and meal plans on my mind.  The timings were whizzing around in my head and about 5am I crept up and made a cup of tea.
The other leaders were fast asleep as were the brownies, all was still and quiet.
I stood at the kitchen window and watched the world come to life.  The city in the valley in the distance was shrouded by the mist.  The tall trees proudly rising through it.  The pinkness of the sun starting to show.  All was still, all was quiet.
Slowly as I watched the rest of the world be still,  my mind cleared, I was the great kitchen Guideress, ready to take on the day.
The chalet floor started to rock a little as the first brownie feet came poddling through to get to the toilets and the world was awake with me, happy and ready to meet a glorious day.


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