A worrying lack of morality

>>  Friday, November 25, 2011

Have you seen this letter written by a burglar for his victim. The full story is here.

This person has no shame, no sense of guilt, quite simply no morality. Who brings a child up to think this way? Who teaches a child that someone in a particular area asks for abuse because of where they live?

The general spelling and grammer is an indication of their educational standard and probably matches their cognative intelligence.

If you walked past an open front door would you walk in and steal the handbag lying there or would you shout through "hellooooo, did you know your door's wide open"?

As I was starting to walk home from Brownies a late mum left her car engine running and ran down the lane to fetch her child.  She was clearly worried as she couldn't see her daughter "it's ok" I said "she's inside with Brown Owl and Snowy". Then I noticed 3 lads walking down the lane towards the car. Hmmmm. Did they have morals or were they like the person writing the letter?  I wasn't prepared to find out, I stood next to the car and gave them my full on 'I'm a Guider on the Edge' look. I suspected they were actually quite nice lads as they sauntered past.  But truth be known, if anyone had wanted the car, I wouldn't have died for it.

But my point is, yes we are all idiots sometimes, leaving keys in cars or windows open but that doesn't mean it's ok to take advantage of that.

Old ladies can't fight back, don't steal their handbag.
Mum's have to struggle with children in the backseat, don't steal their bags.
They forgot to lock a door, that doesn't mean it's ok to go inside.
Windows open for air not for a thief's benefit.

This isn't a sign of the times, I recall reading about a bomb hitting a nightclub in London during the war. The dead and dying had their wallets and jewelry stolen before the ARP arrived.

It just makes me feel very very sad.


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