Christmas Tree Festival

>>  Friday, November 25, 2011

It's my Church's Christmas tree festival this weekend.

We took all the brownies up to decorate a tree.

We made fir cone brownies, suitably glittered with ping pong heads, photo faces, wool hair, pipe cleaner arms and sashes.

They look quite groovy.
The leader cones have red arms and no sashes, that's me right at the top of the tree!
The Rainbow's have done a tree.

As have the Guides, although it's interesting that the Guide tree looks like it could have been done by the Rainbows!  I think that's because they were left to their own devices, which I rather like.  Theirs is a toilet-tree.

The Guides were all there at the same time as the Brownies and we narrowly missed the cubs, later there was another local youth group from the baptist church, plus many others.  The church was heaving - it's wonderful, just the way it should be.

There were about 10 of the 35  trees that are going up, decorated tonight.  It's going to look lovely.

I'm serving tea and mince pies on Saturday, I'm feeling Christmassy!


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