The Coolest Snow Sledge

>>  Sunday, November 27, 2011

Look at this, It's a SnoXross Sledge sold by GardenGames (outdoor children's products).  I have so got to have one of these.  I may have to borrow some one's boy (and I don't do boys) for a while just to justify having one. 

Or this.  I honestly thought people that had sledges like this was because their parents had looked after them and they were passed down the family.  I had one when I was young,  I didn't realise you can still buy them. But get this: (I'm now hopping from one foot to the other in excitement) it collapses so you don't actually rip your shins on it in the shed every time you try to get the mower out.

One wintry afternoon when COG was in her first year at school, I was working from home and the snow started to come down thick and fast.  I looked out the window for a while as the inches grew and then the impetuous me grabbed her wellies and the pull along sledge and marched up to the foundation class door (a completely separate building to the school) and knocked:  "I've come to collect my daughter"  "Why?" "I want to go build a snowman" ! I pulled her home from school on the sledge and we had a glorious afternoon.

It sounds so irresponsible I know, but it's one of the best memories I have of me and her, that afternoon, doing something naughty and yet so wonderful.

I've been having such a ball in my sledging memories that I'm forgetting to tell you the reason why I got here at all:
GardenGames (outdoor children's products) sent me Boules In a Metal Box

This is such a quality bit of kit. We have a Petanque court at our local pub that you can go play on and this summer we will.  In the meantime I'm hopping up and down waiting for the snow so we can give it a go in that.
After my father died my mother played Petanque(Boule) for many years, it's a lovely sociable sport.

The problem with this is we'll rock up looking like professionals and not quite make the mark.  I'll let you know how it goes!


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