The Burka and the Bikini

>>  Saturday, November 19, 2011

This cartoon has had me deep in thought.

I have never considered the confidence of the lady wearing the burka to have no need to display her body for male approval or the fact that she may actually be the more empowered.

We often consider ourselves to not be prejudiced and then we will immediately box off a room of people into types, attaching personas, demographics and possibly likely criminal intent based on their dress, mannerism or accent.

So I remind myself over and over to try to look from another angle, to think again and then damn me how often, true to form, does that initial gut reaction actually turn out to be right.  All the boxes close off again and my prejudice is back in it's unacknowledged place.

It is important to constantly rethink the way we look at things,  is the house concave or converse?

Squares A & B are exactly the same.  Much like the women in the burka and the bikini.
If you fancy looking at some more illusions, then this is a good place to go.


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