It rocks my world (occasionally)

>>  Thursday, November 17, 2011

Do you remember those days when someone walked into the room and your stomach would jump, when your emotions ran so high that it was a physical feeling, when someone could do something that would make you so happy, literally rock your world?

I have to admit I don't really feel anything that strongly anymore.  Oh, I get all over emotional but I blame that on the shifting hormones. (How cruel was mother nature to put raging teenage hormones up against shifting menopausal hormones - curse you Red Baron).

But today something quite simple put me right back there, that lovely feel it inside happiness.

I was working away in the office, COG was home from school and laughing out loud at something on the TV and the sound of her laughter was a wonderful moment of inner happiness for me.  A lurch of the stomach niceness. 

I wish I could bottle that feeling and give it away to you all, it's quite quite wontastic.

So when I find myself more often than not feeling not entirely unlike the frog, it's nice to know there is still a bit of emotional movement in here, even if it's buried deep.


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