>>  Monday, November 21, 2011

I went to the closest out of town shopping park and sat with COG in the food hall having a necessary break.

Do Costa specifically train their staff to bark at customers or is it a talent achieved over time?

I mused over the subtleties of saying "Do you want cream with that?" that make the difference between it sounding like "look you saddo, stop wasting my time" or "I'm pleased you've chosen my establishment to drink at".

Whilst musing, I realised that the shoppers in there were different to me.

They had more panache, accessorised, co-ordinated, make-up, heels...I had come more in a "let's dash to Markses, pop in to WHSmith, grab a coffee and get the hell out of there" mode.  Whereas they had clearly dressed for the occasion, spent time on themselves before spending a mass of money.   I decided to try to redeem the situation and popped into GAP.  Instead of fitting in with the well heeled masses, I haggled over a discount for a clearly shoddy attempt at stitching on a gilet and looked at the maternity clothes for far too long before noticing I was in the wrong section.

I was so glad to get home, get back to where I do belong.

You can't compete with the beauty of nature, she's been at the game far too long, I know I don't even have to try.

Have you tried the new camera on ios5 yet?  It's great fun playing around with the exposure through the grid.  Finally I could take a photo of more than an orange sun in the evening and then I thought, why bother, I like it just the way it is. Which is how I feel about me too.


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