Middle Class Chavery

>>  Friday, October 21, 2011

Aren't the balls in the middle supposed to be shared between the 2 lanes? 

Why would you let your child sit guarding their favoured ball on their knee (especially when it was one I went to fetch!).

So I smiled and went and fetched another, and their other child sat with it.

They looked like a nice family, well dressed, seemed to speak nicely but they lived in 'Me' land.

When they left, they left the floor covered in chips and sauce packets (obviously, as people are paid to clean up, they feel it doesn't matter if they leave a mess).  They also left behind a jumper.  As they didn't seem to want to share their world with other people I felt it best not to mention it to them. 

They gave me a dirty look when they came back to fetch it some time later.


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