Big Steps, Little Steps

>>  Sunday, October 23, 2011

I sat watching the runners on the South Bank, near the London Eye.  Sometimes I think it might be quite exciting to run somewhere cool and vibrant.  Not so 'boring country cousin'.

But the reality seems to be big steps, little steps.

Today (at home) I went on a 10k walk and I saw 10 people, admittedly it was a busy day on a nice afternoon!

Walking from Westminster to the Eye I saw (and dodged) 100s.

I think I would continue to find this exciting for at least 48 hours before I was sick of the people and simply wanted to be back in an area where I could stride out evenly and I only needed to worry about flashers of the pervert varity rather than a couple of hundred tourists needing to capture just one more image of London for posterity.

I did at least manage to find one place where the people (mostly) weren't.


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