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>>  Thursday, October 20, 2011

I told you that there is a flasher in my walking/running area, well PR moves quickly these days* I have been sent 2 personal alarms by The HandPicked Collection to try.

Flashers aren't really the harmless raincoated dirty old man laughing matter we imagine.  This is a quote I found the the American Department of Justice:  "...rapists average seven victims before their first arrest, and most flashers (exhibitionists) and window-peepers are (or eventually become) rapists."

Generally advice is to get away as quickly as possible without reacting at all.  If the flasher approaches then you should "scream for help and run toward safety".  Now I don't think I can really scream and run fast at the same time. Which is why this Ila Dusk Personal Alarm is absolutely fantastic, it does the screaming for you for up to 8 minutes.  It is seriously loud. 

It's really convenient the way it clips and hangs but on top of that the ila people obviously thought about it because they look nice too.  I took this out with me today and I plan to never go into the woods again without it.

The second alarm is a Sports Pedometer Alarm. This is the more traditional shrill sound.  The pedometer does the expected calorie counting, step counting, distance measuring with the added advantage of being a personal alarm too. This isn't going to do as much as a running app if you are seriously into your stats but for someone embarking on a weight watchers type program where steps matter for your free points this would be perfect.  It is also one of the best designed pedometers I've come across in terms of shape, weight and general quality feel.

Because I use my iPhone to log my distances and times and because I think people in the country would respond better to screams than alarms I'm sold on the Ila Dusk Personal Alarm

I think it's time to start taking personal safety A bit more seriously instead of the "I'll be fine approach". 

The Hand Picked Collection also includes a Key attached alarm and a door wedge alarm.  I think both of these would make excellent Christmas stocking fillers for student girls.

Stay Safe.

*Black Adder Goes Forth Corporal Punishment  "God acts very quickly these days"


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