It's a bit spoilt really

>>  Monday, October 17, 2011

It was a grey dull sort of day and as I walk on further I wondered how sensible I was being.

I sometimes walk some lonely paths and enjoy the peace and tranquility.  Today it felt frightening and oppressive.

The wind was strong, it threatened rain and at every corner I expected someone to be there, watching.

I even stopped and took some video to see later if it caught that strange feeling.

As I got up to the top of a quiet single track lane, a lady was trying to turn her Range Rover round on a tuppence because someone had fly tipped and blocked her normal exit.  As I had to wait for room to go around her I asked if she was ok, she said "I'm fine, you do know there is a flasher down here at the minute don't you".  Her friend had been approached whilst she was waiting in the lane to meet up with her for a horse ride. 

I really like it up there, it is quiet, it has been there for centuries.  I normally run it, but of course, am walking right now.  I always wonder about the centuries of people that have walked it, the clothes they would have been wearing, the houses they were returning too.

Well now it's all a bit spoilt really.  I'm a bit put out that the police haven't made it known that there is a 'problem' in the area and I think I am lucky I bumped into the local farmer who was ready for a chat but I shan't be going that way alone again for sometime.  Another 'route rethink' required but I think running on the roads is more dangerous than running in the fields (the council don't do pavements around here!).


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