It's not fair, it's not dark either

>>  Sunday, July 10, 2011

When someone strikes up 'it's not fair' in our house, HWMBO always replies 'it's not dark either', he tells me it belongs to John Elliot. It's about challenging the 'it's not fair' statement to a different dimension, teaching us that life isn't fair and that's the way it is.

How was your weekend?  I got a new dress in the sale, nice isn't it.  I watched a wealth of middle class shop whilst supping on inferior Le Petit Four Fran├žais iced latte because Costa had run out of ice.

I was rather put out that our favourite local restaurant was fully booked and I didn't get to go out in my new dress. 

On the other hand, I didn't have to leave my starving child alone in the desert to die, nor watch my family suffer.
Is it acceptable to say life isn't fair?
£6 billion, yes billion, pounds will be spent on ice-cream in Europe this year.
Donate to DEC.

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