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>>  Wednesday, April 06, 2011

This weeks Gallery is 'Mother Love'.

I used to have a little cat called 'TheMoo', I miss her everyday still.  But I decided to take on a rescue cat, Leo.  He was the fattest, ugliest brute of a cat I have ever had the misfortune to love... 
but love him I did.

Then my Dory came, she likes to be close.  As a kitten she would cry until I cuddled her to sleep and she still likes a cuddle now and again.

But my true baby, the one that has touched my heart as much as TheMoo, is my little Maisie.  She still needs to grow into her ears.

Learn to stay out of the trees.  She loses a collar every week,  this wee thing costs me a fortune in name tags.

She is a scamp in the first degree.

Who even tries to go to school some days!

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