Baby On Board

>>  Thursday, April 07, 2011

Board on Board, Little Person Inside, Princess Carrier...what are you trying to tell me?

Is it that your driving may become erratic because of wayward thrown dummies and bottles?  Are you asking me not to rear end you today?  Because to be quite honest I wasn't intending to try to rear end anybody today regardless of the age of the passengers.

Should I have a sign :  "slightly annoying and quite frankly possible Alzheimer's parent on board" ?  The only problem there being that my mother can read and my driving will be even worse than usual, as she will nag me constantly about my rudeness as well as continually telling me that she always takes the old London Road and never goes this way.

Can HWMBO have a "my wife pissed me off this morning so expect erratic lane changes and angry glances" sign ?

Whilst wasting time on the  interthingy researching my post I stumbled across some more amusing signs.

 Ahhh God bless the American language, maybe lanaguage is like colour/color or centre/center?!


I know which camp I would want to be in.

And this has to be my favourite. 

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