Short Wish List : Gym and Babies

>>  Monday, March 21, 2011

Notes is asking in the I ♥ Me series this week  "What would you do if you had all the time and money in the world?"

It is an easy answer:

I would buy a house big enough to have a home gym.  Nothing too fancy, no I'm lying, I want it fancy!  Mirrored walls, proper air conditioning, big picture window.  Cross trainer, treadmill, rower.  Yes I want the lot!

And then I would acquire a couple of babies, all the best celebs seem to be able to do it, so would I.

Sad realisation though, is as soon as the babies arrive there would be no time for the gym.  All the kit would be packed away for safety reasons, the mirrors would all have 2 foot high hand prints and I would have stuck a huge messy play table in the middle...

...sorry *sound of needle scratching across record* can I buy a slightly bigger house with extended playroom features, fully decked out with every Letterbox and Great Little Trading Company must have. 

Thanking Notes kindly, the bill is in the post!

Do you know what I found out in the writing of this post, you can actually buy baby gym equipment!  OMG, how cute is that.  Notes add it to my expenses claim please!

I didn't mention the hours part did I! I'd just tag an extra 8 hours onto every day so I could get a decent nights sleep.  Tadaaaa!

What would you do with all the time and money in the world?  Go on make me feel bad and say you would invest in finding a cure for cancer and pay off all the third world debt.  Damn, I wish I'd thought of that!

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