Too young for Lawn Bowls?

>>  Sunday, March 20, 2011

HWMBO, myself and daughter have all been away this weekend.  Not together though!

Daughter and I have been on pilgrimage to Walsingham, a deeply spiritual and beautiful place.  Normally peaceful but not with 200 kids celebrating a double birthday (the Shrine and Jesus)!

HWMBO on the other hand has been to see his Aussie Metal Mates in Switzerland.  Switzerland seems to be a bit of an Aussie Metal Mate magnet at the moment!  I was rather concerned to receive the message:

"Am I old?  We are discussing Lawn Bowls, I'm not that old am I?"
My immediate worry was that his phone had been stolen by a sober person.  The message was late and literate. 
"who are you are why are you using my husbands phone?!"

He's been working intensely hard recently and needed to let his hair down a bit really.  So I was slightly concerned that it might not all be going to plan.

I travelled home this evening to find him smelling like a brewery and looking suitably rough.  I don't know whether to be the usual wifey disapproving and annoyed or slightly relieved that he clearly did run true to form on a lads night out!

I leave you with husbands bar shot (Jagermeister is our house wine!), clearly slightly shaky by this point.

And my slightly clearer alcohol (it's Lent) free shots of night and day at Walsingham Children's Pilgrimage.

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